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Your Vitality University

Welcome to Your Vitality University where you learn the secrets and the formulas for a healthier, happier and a path to your highest potential.  Choose from our online health and wellness 8 weeks course; "The Vitality Method" or the personalized 12 weeks health and wellness program, a hybrid of one on one with Dr. Mahdavi and an online step by step processes with coaching calls to hold you accountable and provide the personal support and guidelines .


Your Vitality University:

We all have established habit patterns and tendencies that make it difficult to make lasting changes. Invariably once we embark on a path to  transform  our lives, we face set backs and the old habits are so deep routed, that sustaining new patterns of behaviours and new habits comes with difficulty and challenges, though 100% possible. 

I have worked for many clients and patients who start off with a lot of enthusiasm to change their lifestyle and old habits for better, but once on their own, they lack the discipline and fall back on their old habits. But with the ongoing support of a coach or a teacher to hold your hand and walk you through every step who also keeps you accountable is a proven method for results and success.

For this reason, I felt the need to create a tool, where I can walk you through each step where you can always have access to the information and processes, get coaching and motivation and having my guidance at your disposal indefinitely. 

So vitality academy is a series of interactive health programs that are not only educational but take you step by step through practical tools on daily and weekly basis towards your optimal state of health and wellbeing. 

Your Vitality Method: An 8 weeks Health and wellness program, that teaches you simple steps applicable to daily routines, diet and food, daily rituals and self care, nutrition, guidance for supplements and vitamins, mindset and mindfulness practices and meditation and breathing techniques and practices. The course is designed for busy individuals, millennials, entrepreneurs and professionals, who are suffering from stress, anxiety and insomnia.  

Your Vitality Academy: A 12 weeks health and wellness program that is a hybrid of one on one with the doctor, comprehensive evaluations and follow up evaluations, coaching calls and an online course that is interactive with the doctor. In this program your receive personalized guidelines and recommendations about: food and diet, daily routines and self care, medicinal herbs, yoga, meditation and breathing practices. 

Vitality Mastermind: This is an all inclusive 12 months program and emersion, which includes Your Vitality Academy and Your Vitality Method, Wholly You book, Comprehensive Consultation including Functional medicine and blood analysis as well as Ayurvedic consultation, monthly follow ups and reevaluations as well as weekly coaching and accountability calls,  as well as an annual 4 day retreat as well as access to all yoga and wellness workshops. 


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