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Wall Street & Amazon Best Selling Author   

Dr. Mahdavi achieved the title with her contribution to Experts Cure. Which rose to best seller in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today & Amazon. She is currently working on upcoming health & wellness book, 
Decoding the secrets to vitality, longevity and prevention through a vibrant journey of holistic living and pharma-free life. It is about how to achieve vitality and optimal health naturally and holistically. 
The book is currently being edited and formatted by her publisher and is going to be published on Amazon Winter 2021. 

Available Now

The Experts Cure

How Entrepreneurs are Changing the World

20 Authors and 20 entrepreneurs wrote this Best selling book who offer compelling answers during these demanding times.
Each one has a unique story. Each one has a unique solution. The Experts Cure--How Entrepreneurs are Changing the World is an anthology book compiled by these professionals who became Wall Street Journal and international bestselling authors in April 2021 and published by Rob Kosberg at Best Selling Publishing in Pasadena California..

It features successful consultants, innovators, and leaders from around the world. They offer solutions to the problems that plague us like fear, failure, health challenges, and starting a new career, just to name a few. They open up their lives and share their victories as well as their struggles. They give us a way forward to both impact lives and increase income.

Each chapter is written by a different author and has a standalone, inspirational story with practical and life-changing applications. Taken together, they present an uplifting and significant message of hope for the future.

Dr. Atousa's chapter is chapter 17, and you may get the chapter for free Get Free E-Book

Experts Cure on Amazon

Coming Soon

Wholly You

Western medicine has failed us when it comes to chronic and degenerative ailments as well as stress related and psychosomatic conditions. More and more people who desire wellness are now aware that drugs and pharmaceuticals are limited in what they offer, come with many side effects and will only mask the condition and do not treat the cause of disease but only attempt to alleviate the symptoms.

A paradigm shift in the way humanity views health is needed. Many people spend most of their lives creating wealth but end up spending it all in regaining their health or perish before their time.  You can have all the money in the world and have a lot of success but if you don’t feel well, are suffering from illness or disease, have a chronic or degenerative condition, are in pain or suffer from stress related issues, are constantly feeling anxious or depressed, then all the money and success in the world does not matter as you won’t be able to fully enjoy those blessings. Conversely your bad health can also be an obstacle in flourishing and thriving to create the life that you dream of or achieving your goals. More and more are suffering the maladies of the fast paced modern life, manifesting as energy deficiency, fatigue, lethargy, brain fog, lack of focus and concentration, food allergies, insomnia, obesity, ADD, Anxiety, depression, addiction to painkillers, stress and tension.

The book provides simple and practical steps and guidelines about achieving vitality and optimal health, vibrant energy and virility, naturally without resorting to drugs. It marries the western sciences with the eastern medicines. She will invite you to consider that health is a lifelong commitment to a healthy lifestyle, daily routines and a healthy mindset. In that sense it is a holistic and an ongoing process and not about a quick fix. The whole of you is about your mind, body and spirit.   

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