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Hatha Yoga and Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy

Derived from Sanskrit, Ha means Sun Tha means moon. This practice is rooted in the yogic tradition of ancient India and is based on the principle of opposing energies. There are many schools and varieties of hatha yoga, and all of them include asanas or poses as well as breathing techniques and meditation. Some asanas act as gentle stretching exercises and increase flexibility, others develop strength and balance. However, the practice of hatha yoga goes beyond physical exercises, because it helps achieve a balance between the body and mind cultivating higher forms of awareness through asanas or postures, breathing and meditation and relaxation techniques. This practice has both preventive and therapeutic advantages. Ayurvedic Yoga therapy is about designing a specific practice for the individual needs as well as for each specific conditions and ailment. Doctor Mahdavi will design your specific yoga therapy sequence of practice for you.

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