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Comprehensive Wellness Evaluation

To understand the underlying causes and roots of your conditions or state of health, it is paramount for your doctor to spend sufficient time evaluating your symptoms, learn about your history, lifestyle and diet as well as your daily routines and habits. So, Dr. Mahdavi will spend 2 hours during the initial consultation to evaluate and examine you. To gain access to your physiological and biological status, a complete nutritional blood analysis will be done. This will provide the blood secrets that are very unique to you and help the doctor to provide a highly personalized wellness program for you. But that's not the all, she will also determine your ayurvedic constitution or "Dosha" by performing a thorough Ayurvedic evaluation including but not limited to pulse and tongue analysis. In this way another deeper layer of your unique individuality is revealed to her helping her further in designing your unique diet and food programs as well as prescribing herbal medicines and remedies. Your ayurvedic consultation also determines what type of daily routines, yoga, pranayama and meditation practice is best suited for your individual needs. 

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