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Mini-Immunity Course

A brand new course!

I created this new course just for you! A course crafted for those who lead busy lives, who are still new to Ayurveda's healing properties, and for those who want something more bite-sized.

 In 5 simple video sessions:

I demystify the Virus and explain the way we can combat and fight viruses successfully by enhancing our immune system.

I show you scientific evidence for why natural remedies and a healthy diet works and how!

I offer you restorative Yoga, and a calming meditation.

But most of all, I introduce you to a higher level of health.

In this course you'll get:

  • a break down of Covid19,
  • an explanation of the "Wellness Spectrum",
  • details on how your daily routines align with your cardio vascular system, 
  • a meditation for calming anxieties,
  • a restorative yoga session, and
  • an interview where I discuss how to break stress cycles.

All of which you'll be able to watch again and again. 

So I encourage you to invest in yourself. This mini-course is FULL of information that all leads back to building and supporting a strong immune system. Which, in today's age, is your best weapon against diseases.

Warning: People with chronic conditions and elderly need to work with and consult their physician and the information here is only intended to support the health and optimize the immune system but it is not a cure or a substitute for treatment or care. Those with active infection need to consult their doctor before following the guidelines of this course.