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Decoding The Secrets to Laboratory Testing & Analysis

Decoding The Secrets To Laboratory Blood Testing Interpretation And Analysis

The course objectives: 

Decoding the secrets to laboratory blood Testing interpretation and analysis 

It is an evergreen online course that you can start and stop at your convinent and at your own paste. This on laboratory testing and analysis will help you better understand how to read lab work results and interpret them for your clients and patients as well as when it is helpful to recommend them. This will take your confidence and competent to a different level and make your recommendations more effective. And you will have an ongoing mentorship with me. Here are some testimonials from others who have taken the course: (Scroll down to see whats covered in the course)

Mark Kelly: "Thanks for this opportunity to learn more about these reports and for the offer to be available as a resource. I no longer feel like I will be left hanging in the wind when I graduate and start practicing this ancient Ayurvedic science. Having a direct link to a mentor with current, modern medical knowledge & experience is priceless. Thank You!!"

Nicole Faustino: "Going back to school at 40 years old, and as a mother of 3 with a family, it has been a learning curve and quite challenging at times. Taking Dr. Mahdavi's lab reading course on top of all my other classes, I thought I may be getting in over my head. But I was wrong. The information presented was clear, and relevant, and will be so useful to me in my own practice, and something that I felt was a missing piece that I needed in order to be a confident and successful practitioner. She explained every little thing in great detail, her slides were full of extremely useful and relevant information, but not overwhelming, and I was fascinated with what I was learning. Dr Mahdavi is a natural born teacher, and is able to intelligently answer and address any questions that arise during class, in a way that we as lay people can understand. I'd definitely recommend this course, and I hope she does more in the future!"

Kris Yousef: "Great class overall.  Its very informative and interactive.  The power points is what makes the class great.    You can use them as references and to study.  There is a plethora of information, which covers so many markers.  It’s a great comparative analysis between conventional medicine and functional medicine.    Easy to understand and fun to read slides."

The course will cover blood markers as below: 

1. CBC with Differentials and Platelets, everything on Red & white Blood Cells & Components (Module 2)

2. Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (Module 3)

  • Diabetes Panel

  • Protein Panel

  • Electrolyte Panel

  • Other: Alkaline Phosphatase 

3. Lipid Panel (Module 3)

4. Iron Studies / Panel (Sometime part of Hematology) (Module 3)

5. Inflammatory Markers: ESR, CRP (Module 3)

6. Thyroid Panel (Module 4)

7. Kidney Panel (Sometimes part of Comprehensive Metabolic Panel) (Module 4)

8. Liver Panel (Module 4)

9. Other Test: Creatine Kinase, Rheumatoid Factor, Bilirubin, LDH (Module 4)

10. ABO Grouping & RH Factor (Module 5)

11. Vitamin D 25 Hydroxy (Module 5)

12. Introduction to Hair mineral and heavy metal analysis (Module 5)

13. Functional Medicine limb of your practice / Ongoing mentorship & consultancy with me / Health Reports (Module 5)

You will learn more than than just the conventional perspective but also that of functional medicine perspective as I will also draw distinctions between a functional medicine blood analysis model versus the conventional model

you will also learn about how some supplements and vitamins, and herbs can help to normalize the out of range correlating blood markers.

I will discuss other testing such as heavy metals, and minerals, as a bonus 

There will be marketing and business strategies and opportunities to get your ayurvedic practice take off with great success, as a bonus

This is a 12 hour program split into 5 sessions each 2.5 hours sessions